How to make a lot of money by a street vendor

we all know that the biggest expense is the rent of water and electricity, then we can imagine, if you do not need to pay rent water and electricity business, how to make money? Yes, but how to make money through the stall?

A, every day in a position as far as possible, so you can easily find your old customers.

three, if you are not good at dealing with bargain, in each sample are clearly written on the sales price, the lowest price is stated in this city, and resolutely do not bargain.

four, sell cheap to let everyone know that, according to the same stall and stores the general price and their purchase price as a reference, basically is at the lowest on the basis of more low.

five, copy the success of others. See other people’s goods sell well, change a place, sell the same goods.

"stall all commodities, you will not catch all goods; secondly, we should choose those new, extraordinary and special commodity, so as to maximize the cause the attention of the customer." Chen Jian paused, pointing to the hand pressing flashlight said, "today is this: I put the flashlight without electricity, only in the hands of pinch with a few times, can give rechargeable flashlight, no battery and charger, a price of 5 yuan."

The product is the key difference between

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