How to promote the development of leisure agriculture in Zigong

in the development of the region, combined with their own characteristics, to play their strengths, to achieve long-term development. The characteristic agriculture of Zigong is prominent, and the development of characteristic agriculture is an effective measure to promote economic development. So, how to promote the development of leisure agriculture in Zigong?

(1) to strengthen support and guidance. The establishment of a joint conference system for promoting the development of modern agriculture in Zigong, clearly the assessment of leisure agriculture in the county to develop modern agriculture and the important indicators of the effectiveness of the content. Into the city, to promote the supply side reform "policy support, the implementation of special award for subject demonstration operation of agriculture for leisure, the leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites, the provincial agricultural demonstration demonstration theme parks and leisure farms were given 200 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan reward. Currently, the city to create a national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites 3, the provincial demonstration agricultural Theme Park 2, the provincial demonstration leisure farm of 5.

(2) to strengthen financial support. The content included in the financial support and agricultural loan guarantee system of leisure agriculture development, support the creation of "agriculture loans" and "agricultural loans and other financing new products, actively seek provincial leisure agriculture development strategy fund policy, the development of leisure agriculture investment and the proportion of loans increased by 30.5%.

(3) strengthening section will drive. The annual festival of leisure agriculture in more than 30 screenings, planning of rural folk, farming experience activities in more than 170 screenings, agricultural products (000061, stock it) shows 25 screenings, leisure agriculture and the reception of visitors reached more than 8 million people, realize the comprehensive income 580 million yuan.

through the above report, we have to promote the development of leisure agriculture in Zigong has a specific understanding of the strategy. Zigong to take the three initiatives, whether it is to strengthen the support to guide or strengthen financial support, or to strengthen the festival will promote, I hope in the future, these three can achieve significant results.

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