Market analysis of hot pot restaurants

in each project before the start of the business, there must be a market analysis, especially the fierce competition in the food and beverage market. Now the weather is getting cold, hot pot industry began to rise, then before we choose to join the hot pot project, let us conduct a market analysis!

Analysis of

below market with grapefruit Hot pot store as an example:

1. source:

self-service store target customers to Hot pot consumers Huaning Road Pedestrian Street shopping and entertainment, accounting for about 50%; near the hotel, hotel; entertainment; store staff, community residents, accounting for about 50%. Sufficient number of tourists, low consumption levels.

2. competitors:

There are 4 main competitors near

through a rigorous analysis of the surrounding market, so as to allow the majority of investment have a more full understanding of the market, and will be able to establish a successful career, to create a truly good future!

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