Wuhan housing prices showed a downward trend

prices continued to rise last year in Wuhan, to bring great pressure on people. The latest market statistics show that in February the city’s new housing turnover of about 1.1 sets, down more than 20% in January. This is also in the purchase, limit the loan, the Spring Festival season and other factors, the Wuhan property market turnover fell for 3 consecutive months.

Statistics Central Branch of

China Index Research Institute yesterday afternoon show, February Wuhan houses 11185 sets of transactions, the transaction area of 1 million 160 thousand square meters, respectively, than in January decreased by 23% and 20%.

transaction data from the point of view, in November last year, 26 thousand and 400 sets of transactions, last year in December for the 22 thousand and 200 set, in January this year, down to 14 thousand and 500 units, in February was the set of 3 consecutive months of decline. This is a rare phenomenon in the past two years. Thus, under the influence of the four round of regulation and control in Wuhan, the market signs of cooling.

from the regional perspective, Jiang’an District, East Lake high tech Zone, Jiangxia District in February before the turnover of 3, the lake area, Optics Valley area redubujian. The new district is relatively loose policy is also doing well, in February the new city trading volume accounted for 41% of the city, the volume of Caidian District, Hannan District and Jiangxia district are more than 1000 sets.

prices rose last year, and now return to a rational state, not just the decline in turnover, in fact, prices have cooled phenomenon. According to the National Bureau of statistics released 70 large and medium cities house price index, Wuhan in December last year, in January this year, prices have declined slightly.

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