South general 600 experts innovative entrepreneurship library built in 13th Five-Year

In the current era of

, colleges and universities should pay more attention to the development of employment and entrepreneurship. Nanjing University has established in 13th Five-Year during the construction of colleges and universities, the innovation and entrepreneurship training as an important work of students.

South employment guiding Innovation Center Director Gao Xinfang said, the school opened 144 door entrepreneurship courses, elective students over 7000 people. Some of them entered the entrepreneurial training, entrepreneurship training program 2016 annual reporting of 37, an increase of 164%. The college students entrepreneurship incubator Project 50, access to various types of venture capital investment of 54 million 200 thousand yuan. "13th Five-Year" period, the school will be built around 10 of the "Four Integration" practice platform, 600 industry experts innovative entrepreneurship base, has recruited 100 industry business mentor.

South current exchange rate of 30% students out of the country, "13th Five-Year" period will reach 50%, graduate out of the country exchange rate reached 30%. The degree of internationalization of the teaching staff has been significantly improved, and the number of teachers has been accounted for more than 25% of the total number of teachers, and the establishment of the 150 international courses.

It is reported that

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