On the survival of small enterprises

now many entrepreneurs, small businesses emerge. As a small business owner, you are ready to deal with the risk of it? Want to go further, we must understand the survival of small businesses, we come together to analyze.

"if entrepreneurs really know what they did wrong, they might have been able to solve this problem." Entrepreneurs and business speaker Jay  Goltz told the "New York Times", "for most people, you ask them where the problem, they will simply deny, or tell you that they don’t know."

1, to prove your expertise to customers. If you want customers to trust you for your product or service, you have to prove that you are an expert in the industry.

2 to understand the possible risks. All entrepreneurs are adventurers. They need to have a huge confidence in their career. But in the end, what makes them successful is to figure out the risks that might cause you to fail.

carefully plan your actions, so that every step is effective, and cooperate with each other and your employees. This is not a failure, but at least once a failure occurs, there are people around you who will support you and help you decide what to do next. In addition, through these more conservative risks, you will make fewer mistakes, eliminate adverse effects, on the basis of the previous economy, to pick up.

3, to ensure a stable cash flow. If you start a small business, there is a stable cash flow is critical. You need to pay your bills, pay your employees, and buy raw materials to expand your services or produce new products, etc.. You will also need a list of one-time and ongoing costs, so you can figure out how much money you need to maintain the normal functioning of your day.

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