Shop to do business also need to pay attention to the face of the project

some shopkeepers feel as long as their product is good enough, to provide quality services, the business of the shop is certainly not bad. However, now doing business after all competition, if you do not pay attention to "face job", "lining" it doesn’t matter how good a bigger role. So, if it is a shop to do business, we need to do a good job, the face of the project oh.

12 month 8 days, Shandong Ji’nan Zhangqiu Bureau (Sales Department) manager ray room early in the morning came to the store to visit Kim suk. A door, the boss Zhao Jun enthusiastically greeted: room manager, come in and see!"

"Zhao boss, what are you so happy?" Fang Lei asked.

"I’ve been doing a lot of business since the last time you put me in the cupboard!" Zhao Jun said with a smile.

The original

, visited last month, real ray helped Zhao Jun put the cigarette counter redesigned display pattern, the more conspicuous, the best-selling cigarette sales slow cigarette is more prominent, and in accordance with the specifications of all cigarette price tags.

Zhao Jun to the house, said: "you know, I used to smoke here are casually placed, only a few good to sell on the place to be able to. Every time a customer asks for another cigarette, I have to look for it. Now the smoke cabinet in the left side of the road is full of smoke, the middle is a fine cigarette, the rest are arranged in accordance with the price level. Every time someone comes to buy cigarettes, I will be able to find a glance, customers do not have to wait for a lot of convenience. Time may be a minute fast, the effect is not the same. Thanks to your help!"

"as long as the effect is good, everything is worth it. I see you again this time into several new……" Lei Lei fang.

"yeah! Counter look good, business is better than before, I tried to enter a few more specifications of cigarettes. According to the way you teach me, I put these kinds of cigarettes in a good position according to the price. You helped me lay the foundation. But this is not just some new arrival, the price tag, the next time you help me bring some trouble!" Business is good, Zhao Jun’s mood is obviously a lot of comfort.

"no problem, I’ll deliver it tomorrow. This price is quite useful?" Fang Lei smiled and asked.

"yeah! Just like the identity of the smoke, looks very formal. I always think, buy cigarettes to people who do not know the price, the price tag stick is not what difference. However, once I was not at home, my mother to help Kandian, the older, the price of cigarettes do not remember, the "Taishan" (Fu Guang) as the "Taishan" (light fine brush) to sell, can suffer!" Zhao Jun said "some chagrin, but since you help me put the price tag."

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