The five sentence on the millionaire’s door


report shows that last year the United States added about 20 millionaires, the total number of millionaires has reached 8 million 600 thousand. Although this figure is still lower than the peak of 9 million 500 thousand in 2006, but with the Dow in the first quarter rebound 994 points (8. 1%) the news is still encouraging. These two messages are clearly positive signs of a recovery.

dozens of years of experience in business and for many years about behavioral economics and psychology have convinced me of a simple truth: a millionaire depends on one’s mind, and the so-called wealth building techniques, tools or rules have nothing to do.

1.   do not just stare at the money at Fidelity Investments (Fidelity) Peter   Lynch (Peter  Lynch) is often said, if you spend 15 minutes a year of economic research, which is a waste of 10 minutes. Financial consultant Rick   Edelman (Ric  Edelman) for the writing of "ordinary people, extraordinary wealth" (Ordinary  People,   Extraordinary  Wealth) survey found 5000 millionaires, millionaires every day spend an average of only six minutes in the personal finance. They have better things to do.

2.   creative thinking George   (George  Stanley) in his "millionaire’s wisdom," wrote a book, they are different from the average person’s idea, harvest is different." Yes, innovative ideas can become rich. Where there is a unique opportunity for your unique talent, go. The central idea of the millionaire’s wisdom is: don’t get used to it, go your own way.

3.   always positive many people have read Napoleon   (Napoleon  Hill) >

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