The latest online promotion tactics

open shop is now a new style of entrepreneurship, a lot of new sellers shop headache is not how to purchase, but no customers come, do not know how to promote. No customers, how can you open it?.

1 / > leather advertising. Customer: this advertising volume is small, portable, very convenient to the customer, every time I finished the computer will display on the host computer in his printer all posts on this side with the advertising paper, he said " this is my phone, after what the problem hit me the above call " while the fastest speed post, he did not react, I have finished.

2 the toilet: don’t laugh! Why would I think of advertising in this place, this is actually very easy to pass, everyone wants to use another way to survive this difficult time, some people choose to smoke, some people choose to have a good newspaper, of course a part is no choice you see, with the advertising is obviously a good choice. The

tag advertising. My family is doing, for reference this label is not expensive, practical.

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