Do not copy the myth of entrepreneurship but create entrepreneurial myth


entrepreneurship is a must to things, but there is still a lot of people in the field of entrepreneurship have the daydream myth, so these models become numerous guests new dream.

2012, Facebook to $1 billion acquisition of popular mobile photo sharing service Instagram. Founder Kevin · Hiester Rom’s only self programming geek. His entrepreneurial story is a capital of grassroots inspirational, for many people is quite easy to imitate.

Instagram is one of the creative ideas he wants to practice in programming. When he made the product out, unexpectedly got the favor of the application, but also received a $500 thousand investment, so he resigned to concentrate on entrepreneurship.

Think of a

Instagram’s creative though seemingly random, but it is blank on Facebook, twitter and social networking applications in the mobile photo sharing service and the lack of it in the cracks of smooth growth.


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