How much do you need to start spicy hot pot shop

investment in the food industry to do business, as long as the proper operation, often can have a good market, because of this, and now there will be a lot of people want to enter the food market. Of course, no matter what kind of business we invest in, we also need to look at the shops need investment funds. So, how much you need to start spicy hot pot shop? Now the spicy pot loved by many people, so is the market prospects for investment, then, spicy hot pot shop, it is to see how much you need to start spicy hot pot shop!

spicy hot pot shop rent

rents vary according to the different position of the address, according to the general location, about a month rent of 4000 yuan, with half a pay to calculate, for the first time to pay the spicy hot pot store rent requires 24000 yuan.

spicy hot pot shop renovation costs

spicy hot pot store decoration including decoration and shop facilities. A general store wall and door decoration, is down to about 15000 yuan fee, and about 5000 yuan, the kitchen needs about 4000 yuan, three total is 24000 yuan.

spicy hot pot shop first purchase


opened, spicy hot pot store is going to buy some food and spices, such as vegetables, rice, meat and so on, about the need to purchase 3500 yuan for the first time.

, of course, a spicy hot pot shop, also need to prepare some liquidity, liquidity for possible period of want or need also need to prepare, at least 2000 yuan. Plus some scattered mixed overhead, how have 1000 yuan, in so doing, a spicy hot pot shop, how have the investment of 60 thousand yuan.

these are the people who build their own brand, and then completely in accordance with their own ideas to shop when the budget. But in the current era of entrepreneurship shop, many people will choose to join the way. So, small series to the investment budget, is not in the case of joining, if you choose a brand to join, join fee is also an expense. In short, a spicy hot pot shop is not a small investment, entrepreneurs also need to have sufficient funds for oh.

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