How to operate the franchise brand franchise stores

business clothing brand discount store should enjoy what treatment? Want to make money has yet to learn how to operate clothing brand discount store clothing brand discount store business? How to take care of? How can we better stay in business


clothing industry contains a huge business opportunities have become the first choice for many investors. In the face of fierce competition in the current market, the franchise franchise stores for the operation of the brand, how to do a good job in order to better manage it?

first, the salesman must first understand the product. Discount brand clothing to join and store clothing stores are not the same, only one brand, and the brand discount store has a lot of brands, so the salesman is the first to have a certain understanding of the brand, and then to a better introduction to the customer. For example, customers need a few years old children’s clothes, you have to find and recommend in a few seconds. The customer’s first reaction to the store is different. Some people may be afraid of the clothes are too expensive, if you are very enthusiastic to ask her, how old the child?. She’ll say I’ll take a look. Such customers do not follow behind, leaving her room. Let her choose first. Gradually you see which she holds, tell her the price. Slowly, she will ask you, where are you? Where are the boys?.

how to operate the clothing brand discount store? Secondly, customer complain too expensive or bad goods, take a deep breath. Brand discount stores clothing stores and the clothing to join the most basic reasons is that they are cheap woven goods, so some customers will think the quality of goods is the end of a single discount, there will be customers shop is the children to buy from other places, there is a little unhappy in psychology. Encountered such a situation, Happy Valley children’s clothing reminder, do not argue with her, take some cheaper to let her choose to contrast, explain to her here sourcing knowledge. For example, manufacturers unified sales distribution, but also some big orders for more than a single brand, good quality but the factory has earned money, so the cost is relatively cheap for a. Famous brand fabrics are guaranteed, pilling deformation does not fade, if there are problems, come back to change etc.. There is no reason to bargain, if you store no store atmosphere, it is difficult to do this, the customer must bargain with you, no uniform price, but also basically asking about, down are also a few dollars.

how to operate the franchise brand franchise stores, and finally, to be fair in the customer’s point of view. Although clothing buyers most parents, but the clothing is worn on children, parents of the child is the heartstrings, let them really feel the dress in the child’s body is appropriate, can seize the hearts of customers, so the clerk recommended to customers when children must be installed, sincere recommendation.


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