Dam Street do you see it Mainly about the entrepreneurial story of Hefei

in recent years, the development speed of Hefei is quite amazing, a lot of people go out from here back after all feel very strange, big change, big change of city road. In these changes, it is necessary to have a variety of entrepreneurial efforts. CCTV hit "dam Street" is about Hefei’s entrepreneurial story, you can look at the.

story about hard work

38 TV sets "to" dam play the story of the people of Hefei, by the CPC Hefei municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the drama of Hefei TV station, Hefei eight Party group jointly shot, Anhui famous writer Hu Zhengyan, Pei Zhangchuan screenwriter, director Wang Jianrong. The drama in Feixi Xiaojingzhuang household responsibility system as the entrance to the Hefei dam, took to the streets of ordinary people living creatures as "stage", "Sanlao carefully shaping the rejection", Wang Bangqiang and a large number of "dam Street" in the tide of reform and opening up in the fight, difficult venture, self transformation, with the times of the story. A vivid reflection of earth shaking changes in these 30 years China people’s mental outlook of the.

as the one of the highlights of Hefei local actors in the play revealed the talent, Chushoubufan, "dam Street" in the shooting of Hefei actor and as many as 1000 people. In addition to the famous actor Wu Jun (Chi Huaqiong ornaments Sanlao rejection), (Niu Geng), Xiao Rongsheng (decorated Ren put), a group of actors in Hefei to play the leading role in "dam".

"dam Street" tells the story of entrepreneurship in Hefei, which is rich in content, plot twists and turns, full of tears, is also very exciting and worth a look. Most of the actors in the dam on the streets are local actors, more vivid interpretation of the image of entrepreneurs in Hefei.

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