Car MP3 ten brands list

car users, even if the composition of the car does not understand, but what are the products on the car or have a certain understanding, which is a very important component of mp3. Because of the huge number of brands in the market, so that many people do not know when to buy the brand choice. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the car MP3 ten brands list, so that you have a full understanding of the industry.

car MP3 products as a trend of modern products, is currently a lot of audio fancier seeking love. Gradually, remote control car MP3, electric vehicle MP3 it began to replace the traditional MP3. It is also known as audio converter, car MP3 wireless transmitter or MP3 car audio partner, and so on, it can be the same as the ordinary MP3 player composed of car MP3 audio system. Belong to the new car audio products in twenty-first Century, at present, similar to a variety of vehicle mounted MP3 devices.

buy and install car MP3/ MP3 audio converter, which is designed to enjoy music. If there is no good sound quality, it will waste time and money.

car MP3 ten brand list: NO.1 Solam (Sorun began in 1999, leading the field of digital vehicle manufacturers, professional production of various kinds of vehicle digital products of high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen Sorun Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)

car MP3 ten brand list: NO.2 Newsmy Neumann (Beijing famous trademarks, high-tech enterprises, Chinese digital industry well-known brands, electronic digital leading enterprises, Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co. Ltd.)

car MP3 ten brands list NO.3: SAST SAST (the domestic digital audio and video industry leading brands, Shenzhen SDIC SAST Electronics Co., Ltd.)

car MP3 ten brands list NO.4: Violet uniscom (started in 1992, the Thunis group, focus on information technology development and manufacturing of electronic products, Beijing Thunis electronics company)

car MP3 ten brand ranking NO.5:CoolSources cool thoughts (Taiwan funded enterprises, R & D / design / promotion of integrated enterprise, as one of the ten major vehicle digital brand, the best-selling products at home and abroad, Xi Xing Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.)

car MP3 ten brand list: NO.6 DAZA (wisdom from Hongkong, car MP3 ten brands, leading enterprises, domestic and foreign automobile digital products industry Shenzhen taiguan Albert Technology Co. Ltd.)

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