Bank of Zhengzhou has announced that it will return to A shares

in the life of the bank is not limited to the four state-owned banks, local banks have frequently appeared in our lives, the majority of the people are commonly used. In particular, the regional banks, which occupy an important position in the regional market, are almost unanimous choice of local people! This time, Hong Kong listed less than 7 months, the Bank of Zhengzhou to return to A shares, specifically what is going on?

last December 23rd, the Hongkong stock exchange IPO to raise funds of HK $5 billion, in March this year, plans to issue 5 billion yuan of green financial bonds, in July 18th, the Bank of Zhengzhou has announced that it will return to A shares, plans to issue 600 million shares. Behind the capital market moves frequently, the Bank of Zhengzhou really bad money".

as of the end of last year, its core tier one capital adequacy ratio is lower than the average level of domestic city firms.

Zhengzhou bank plans to return to A shares

following the Hong Kong stock market last year, the central bank announced the return of A shares, the Bank of Zhengzhou on July 18th evening also announced that it intends to apply for initial public offering of A shares and listed.

Zhengzhou bank plans to issue size of not more than 600 million shares, accounting for approximately $15.77% and $11.27% of the total issued shares before the announcement date.

Bank of Zhengzhou said the net proceeds will be used to enrich the bank’s core tier one capital, improve capital adequacy levels.

and the specific issue price, the Bank of Zhengzhou said it would seek the way to the inquiry by the network investors, the bank and the lead underwriter to negotiate direct pricing.

in terms of capital operation, more than half a year in recent years, the Bank of Zhengzhou can say action frequently.

Hong Kong stock market city firm by cold

Lv Suiqi, deputy director of the school of economics, Peking University, said that in recent years, the pace of expansion of city firms to accelerate, to increase the demand for capital to fill.

Bank of Zhengzhou, including the city firm in Hong Kong stock market day is not good, the Hong Kong stock market valuation is low, the current bank of Zhengzhou City, the net rate of only 1.17. H shares can not achieve the transfer of shares in the territory, coupled with the Hong Kong stock market in these cities is not high degree of recognition of the Bank of Zhengzhou, the bank is not active, the daily turnover of only tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars.

local banks in the development of their own, not blind Zhuifeng, need to be combined with their own actual situation, to do long-term planning, in order to better based on the market, will be their own development and growth. For many city firms, H shares issued only temporary emergency solution, and can not form a recommendation

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