Choose Paris to join the brand

venture to join the project, the brand is important? Of course, many catering entrepreneurs struggling, can be described as a variety of marketing methods is full of tricks, one of the goals is to promote the brand war, only a good brand, consumer trust, in order to ensure a certain amount of tourists, in order to ensure that the benefits of entrepreneurship. Choose a well-known brands to join, from the brand to create a difficult road, let you start from the money to start.

1986 in China’s food and beverage market, there has been a project called Paris Bei sweet, it has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs and investors, headquarters every day hundreds of visitors come to visit. After years of development, Paris Bei sweet with its market advantage, has been in the domestic development of nearly a thousand partners.

Paris Bei sweet subordinate to Paris Bei sweet, originated in Beijing, the company is located in the mass consumer food market. The company set catering management, catering to join cooperation to join the brand promotion, implementation and maintenance, management, technology, management and marketing support in a body for the franchisee, devoted to the discovery of mining traditional Chinese delicacy and international popular delicacy project.

Paris Bay sweet how much money to join

Paris Bei sweet with its high quality products, the majority of consumers love, and now the mature Paris Bei sweet brand is facing the national comprehensive investment, as long as you meet the conditions, can join us. So how much does it cost to join Paris?

is mainly engaged in Paris baguette bread nearly 100 kinds of products to meet consumer demand on both sides of the Changjiang River. And only need 5-10 million to open a shop, is a very suitable for white-collar workers, farmers, college students, women, 80 after the start of a good project.

Paris Bei sweet with the following conditions:

1, with a sincere and long-term cooperation attitude, in the region has a certain channel influence;

2, familiar with the food and beverage market, has a wealth of product resources, in the region has a wealth of channel resources;

3, there are more professional marketing team is responsible for channel development, to maximize the channel to achieve;

4, can fully tap their own channels and resources to carry out full publicity and promotion work;

5, to strictly implement the policies we have formulated.

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