Mount Huangshan to become the pilot provinces remote medical

medical system reform, the relationship to you and me, a lot of times, people are concerned about the health of the inter provincial services, hopes to achieve, it will make people feel more convenient, no matter where you can enjoy the health care service. Anhui Province, the first through the national clearing platform for medical settlement in February 27th.

on the same day, Anhui Province, Huangshan City insured Ms. Ye discharge formalities in the tumor hospital of Zhejiang Province, through the national inter provincial remote medical billing platform, brush social security card, complete the hospitalization expenses of direct settlement. I marked the provincial remote medical billing from the past manual reimbursement towards national remote medical immediate settlement.


Provincial Department of human resources and social settlement center, at present our provincial remote medical direct two-way settlement business has more than 10 cases. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of human resources, by the end of 2016, the province launched the basic national network and inter provincial remote medical insurance settlement pilot areas and determine the provincial, Chuzhou City, Ma’anshan City, Huangshan City and other 4 regions as the first advance.

hope in the future, there will be more cities to join the ranks of different medical treatment, so that people enjoy more benefits. Next, Anhui province will continue to strengthen inter provincial settlement supervision and coordination, establish inter provincial remote medical referral personnel regulations, to the first half of this year, the province’s overall area all on the line, to ensure that before the end of the full realization of inter provincial remote medical immediate settlement.

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