Shop design do not add too long text for the image

Many people

the design of your own website in May, just pay attention to the page sister-in-law, without thinking of the actual effect, so a lot of people in the above image with very long interactive text, in fact it is very desirable, why? And let Xiaobian for your analysis!

"alt=" image adding interactive text is a good habit, because not all people are open the image loading switch, then the interactive text gives users a useful tips, especially some connection. But there are some web designers to join the interactive text image is very long, when the user load images, this does not affect the results; but if the user does not load the image, the browser will convert all of the text are displayed, so that beyond its original width, or height, the original layout has great influence on the web page.

For example, a

Then I open the

if you have a shop, you can control the look, your shop is also true, if too, may wish to look at the reform, to change this situation, in order to make your business more popular shop!

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