Who is the best step founder Excellent step founder response and drops competition

Chinese according to voice of "news" reported that Travis · krainik, because the name is not good master, his colleagues love TK. Global taxi application software excellent step founder. 7 years ago the Paris night hit a taxi experience, let him have a mobile phone called the car application development idea, idea into action, this work also let kalanike entrepreneurs among the ranks of Silicon Valley’s hottest, gave birth to the current valuation of $about 60000000000 Uber.

is a kind of disruptive new technologies and new business models, popular in the world in a few years, is suffering from various countries, there are supporters of the praise of vested interest groups and the boycott not to regard it as right. Even so, it does not affect the top one of the world’s most valuable startups. As the founder and CEO Travis · (Travis Kalanick); krainik, has become the representative of sharing in the economic tide. This summer the Davos Forum on the occasion, kalanike accepted an exclusive interview with the Central People’s broadcasting station reporter Xing Sijia. Today, Uber entered Chinese for almost two years, frequently to China’s Travis · kalanike; how to set up his "new economy"? Subsidy war, business development, financing innovation, the future of Uber how to continue his crazy subversion?


kalanike person, opened the previous various media reports, often give the impression that he is aggressive, energetic, overweeningly ambitious erratic, also.

first krainik and imagination, it seems a bit different, wearing a suit he had a backpack, playing greeting manners easygoing, typical IT boys like; and as entrepreneurs, his shrewd is quickly revealed. In the discourse is a kind of entrepreneur for the market that natural excitement.

kalanike said: "Uber is involved in the new economy, also called sharing economy or on-demand economy, which means everyone can create their own business, and easy to process. He can start his own business in this technology platform, so that the work becomes more flexible to adapt to life, not to make life more fit. Prime Minister Li Keqiang also said that the concept of Internet Plus + +, transportation, health care, and education…… This open attitude can enhance the efficiency of the old industry, increase its value. How big the market not Yan Zi ming."

almost every week, Uber financing will be a news headlines, at the beginning of the month, Uber announces $3 billion 500 million G round of financing, from the Saudi public investment fund investment, the general manager Yasser Al – Lu Maya will enter the board of directors of Uber, this is Uber the largest single financing. Until now, G round total financing amount has reached $6 billion, the total valuation of up to 6 is recommended

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