Big data Shenzhen’s most entrepreneurial breath

Effects of

on the management policy, all over the country are blowing a venture to say where the wind, the wind blew the most fierce business, Shenzhen is fully deserve, the following is a detailed investigation, let’s take a look at this group of large numbers!

data show that, compared with the relatively pragmatic 80, 90 pay more attention to the development of their own occupation, to participate in the investigation of 90 in which 82% people have expressed their own business ideas, and in the 80 sample group, a similar idea is only 77% people.

80 in addition, most love industry is mechanical / manufacturing industry, followed by the traditional FMCG industry; compared with the traditional industries, finance, Internet, IT and other emerging industries will get many 90’s favor, and now the development trend of the industry are inextricably linked. For the first entry or about to enter the workplace 90, the catering industry, finance, the Internet and other new industries increasingly sought after.

survey in the entrepreneurial environment, Shenzhen, Beijing, province / municipality directly under the central government people are more entrepreneurial dream. Shenzhen is full of vigor and vitality, more young people, more people are willing to start this business; Beijing is the center of China’s politics and culture, more entrepreneurial opportunities.



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