Japan launched the war of resistance against Japanese aggression against China

in Japan since the Second World War, for their acts of aggression has been denied, at the same time every year to visit the Yasukuni shrine is also the China hurt the hearts of the people, because the Japanese for his shameless behavior did not reflect on the meaning of.

"Red Cross" to the woman to enlist the background of World War II, actress Amano Kiyo to become an army nurse, for the country to the Japanese field hospital work. After parting with her husband and children, the heroine’s hospital was incorporated into the Chinese army to the end of the war, she finally followed the Chinese army to heal. In the play, the heroine of the public, the Chinese people’s lives and the Japanese as noble, whether it is Chinese or Japanese, in the face of life, there is no difference, so the line of justice. The story also includes Chinese save Japan, Japanese children were abducted children Japanese content in Chinese.


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