Luo thinking to let go after the Papi sauce Taobao shop was killed

online heat transfer electricity supplier death list may be added a pen.

news November 24th, billion state power network recently found that well-known net red Papi sauce Taobao shop has no business in the long-term state of the goods has been hanging out under the frame, suspected a "zombie" shop.

previously Papi sauce in its micro-blog and the public to promote the launch of the Papi sauce mind made Taobao shop. Billion state power network yesterday landed on the Taobao store was informed that the "Papi sauce mind" Taobao store page still putting five months ago about three shop merchandise information map, click enter the purchase page is displayed "expired goods does not exist". Interestingly, the shop’s home page to retain the "June 13th night officially opened grab!".

, according to media reports, in June this year, Papi sauce with "world of Warcraft" movie released on the occasion, in the "Papi sauce mind" Taobao launched three models of Warcraft theme T-shirt printing. It is reported that a total of 297 pieces of three T-shirts, each priced at 99 yuan, sold out within 36 minutes in the opening rush.


now, billion state power network in all its stores in addition to the baby, see postage compensation designed to shoot, no other new goods.



billion state power network link "Papi sauce mind" customer service, as of press time and no response.


in addition, from the Taobao seller information page was informed, Papi sauce mind made Taobao store recently 0 evaluation of goods last month, the last evaluation time for July 6, 2016.


it is reported that after the Papi sauce partner Yang Ming in the test of the Taobao store, said the foreign, Papi sauce in the future will not be in the series in the video to try to sell fun products.

and Papi sauce mind made Taobao shop suspected five months is not new, and all the goods in the shelf state, it seems to give up the network of red electricity supplier bonus Papi sauce team’s commercial realization of what is the road?

billion state power network access Papi nearly half dynamic sauce Papi sauce was informed that the team has been broadcast, cable and advertisement try content realizable way. In the two move recently was revealed in Papi days after the realization of sauce commercial road.

network red cat signed Papi sauce electricity supplier priority

It is reported that

, Papi sauce team have recently publicly and net cash service red red cat cooperation information network. Among them, Papi sauce will be the priority of its electricity supplier signed to the network red cat, which means that Papi sauce based on Taobao’s electricity supplier business, network red cat has priority.


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