What is the way out to scam

in the current venture capital market, the number of real sincere business opportunities are few, more business opportunities are just under the guise of investment fraud. Shopping malls such as the battlefield. Not all of the brands are in order to join the brand to do the brand, but in order to get the maximum profit in the shortest possible time, carefully arranged a legal trap, waiting for you do not care to jump inside. So, how do we identify the join scam?

what do you do when you want to know something about the brand?


you will be on the Internet for large and small brands to join the search and comparison, and finally locked a number of in-depth understanding of the family.


brand will cheat you, hiding in this, like some big brands, brand in some small sites a whoop and a holler. Even some will open N, online question and answer, the same template: "I would like to join a tea shop, who can support weapon?" "Join XXX ah, how good."

at this point you have to ask, I do not access the Internet, I can have any way to contact some brands ah?

or internet.

see through the fraud of public comment is also a good tool. Although it can not guarantee that the 0 brush rating, but generally have a number of stores throughout the country, take a look at the customers around the brand and product evaluation, and then make a preliminary judgment.

can also search keywords in Baidu: "XXX liar", to understand the negative evaluation of the brand, of course, can not avoid the wicked peers intentionally black, but once this kind of many articles and the language style is not consistent, it may really is a victim of the blood Chen Keng say ah! So be careful.

some brands will have a look on the official website is very tall, and even shops across the country photos, turn over the feeling that there have been a lot of home, the development of good looks. In fact, this is the best opportunity for you to learn more about the brand in the end. You can follow it, learn to join local conditions.

as you see the "Shanghai Minhang shop", then you can use Baidu Search keyword "XXX Shanghai Minhang store, understand, all displayed in the store, the number continues to open, how many have gone. Then you can also understand how the business is still in store business, and even go to the nearest place to visit. If the store closing rate exceeds 30% of the total display store, that means moisture and content.

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