The license plate number of the name you can do

When it comes to the shop named

, now numerous shopkeepers but brains, is to take on a shop to be more creative, more attractive shops, but you have seen the license plate number to the shop name? Beijing opened a new company called "Jin B2008" restaurant, the restaurant in Shanxi Sliced noodles, the license plate number allegedly included "boss Jin B2008".

this restaurant door hanging "Jin B2008" signs. Blue and white signs, motor vehicle license plate is very similar. The clerk said, "Jin B2008" is used as the restaurant name, because the license plate number includes the "boss Jin B2008".

clerk said, here in Shanxi to operate Sliced noodles, the boss is Shanxi Datong, Datong and the license plate is "Jin B". The face of the shop on the bowl, there are "Jin B2008" logo. In addition, the table number is also from the Jin B2001 until Jin B2024".

but the "Jin B2008" as the name also attracted many netizens dispute. Netizens think, as its name. Some netizens believe that the business sector should intervene. But the clerk said, since the opening has not encountered trouble because its name.

from the current relevant laws, and no relevant provisions in this aspect so make, whether it can be used as the name of the license plate number does not have a clear statement. But from the current market, with the license plate number as the name is right, but also very attractive.

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