Qingdao to build an era of intelligent science and Technology nnovation Center

The continuous development of the

era is inseparable from the progress of science and technology, Qingdao in order to further recommend the development of local science and technology, began to take new measures to develop science and technology! Reporters from the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the day before, Qingdao city Home Furnishing intelligent technology innovation center and Qingdao City graphene Innovation Center formally approved to build. Science and technology innovation center to build the first building around the direction of the city’s ten major scientific and technological innovation center, combined with the development needs of the field, in accordance with the mature one, start a "principle, through the district (city) reporting, expert evaluation and other procedures to determine.

Qingdao city Home Furnishing Intelligent Technology Innovation Center (chips) based in Jiaozhou live smart Home Furnishing Industrial Park, covers an area of 850 acres, the construction of science and technology development, the Internet, creating high-end resources, the introduction of intelligent manufacturing, investment and financing 5 major science and technology innovation platform, and strive to build Asia’s largest intelligent manufacturing center, the national development Home Furnishing intelligent Home Furnishing standards and testing center. By 2020, the planning of the introduction of scientific research institutions, 500 enterprises, the cultivation of listed companies 2, over $one billion enterprises, new patents 1000, the annual output value of over 100 billion yuan.

Qingdao city

graphene Innovation Center (chips) Co, hi tech Zone and Laixi Pingdu graphene science and technology innovation resources, planning and construction technology research, innovation incubator, Industrial Development Zone, focus on graphene coating, graphene, graphene desalination energy storage materials such as the 7 major technology development layout.

with the development of intelligent era gradually into our life, create intelligent era starting in Qingdao science and technology innovation center, at the same time the implementation of key enterprises to promote the project of small and medium-sized enterprises, cultivate innovation ability to promote the engineering, engineering, engineering, key technology innovation system construction of 5 major projects, build public R & D, public inspection, financial services collaborative innovation and application promotion display 5 platform, strengthen the agglomeration of innovative resources, optimize the environment for innovation. By 2020, 50 common key technology breakthroughs, new patent 500, 200 transformation of scientific research, cultivation of over 100 million yuan annual output value of enterprise 3-5, the graphene industry reached 30 billion.

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