Yichang high tech Zone to lead the public Entrepreneurship

good entrepreneurial environment is one of the main reasons to attract the majority of entrepreneurs to invest, especially in such a public venture period, so far, Yichang is trying to promote public innovation and entrepreneurship.

in Yichang high tech Zone, like Li Chune chase young entrepreneurial dreams hundreds. Young entrepreneurs to attract the influx of entrepreneurial opportunities in addition to the era of innovation in Yichang, as well as high tech Zone highland effect and innovation platform.

Surging wave of

sail, multi-creation space very warm

into the Yichang arts and the national science and technology business incubator, a creative eye-opening let reporters. Returnees entrepreneurship, college students entrepreneurship, science and technology research and development, have brought together Alibaba Yichang Industrial Zone, College Students Network Entrepreneurship Center, Taobao characteristics of China Yichang Pavilion, their dream from here to sail.

the beginning, high rents had let them off. At this time, by the Yichang high tech Zone Administrative Committee, the Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau jointly created the first college students in Yichang zero cost entrepreneurial center, opened the door for them. Center for the enterprise to provide free office facilities, free of charge to provide 500 square meters of warehouse, photo studio, multi-functional conference room. Business center is also actively matchmaking, contact business, agriculture and other departments to carry out business matchmaking, help the company to expand the business, declare support policy.

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