Beauty salons in the operation if you avoid some risks

now with the rise of social entire beauty industry, there is increasing demand for beauty, there have been more and more people begin at the same time, in the process of operating a beauty shop, beauty shop, there will be some risk, how to avoid.

1, fire risk due to the use of a lot of electrical equipment and chemical products, such as hair dryer, multiple power outlets, styling products, beauty salon managers must ensure the safety of the business. Beauty salons store flammable chemical products, such as spray products should be labeled and remain locked, water heater, boiler, lamps or other heat source must be kept away from them. Combustible waste and refuse to stay away from the beauty salon, or stored in a flameproof type with a lid in the trash, smoking should be banned in these areas. Finally, check the power outlet and equipment to ensure the maintenance and inspection are carried out according to the plan. Beauty salons can consider joining a designated escape route and signing an employee agreement during a fire.

2, slip slide to be high probability of accident of the parlor in the water on the floor, and hair clippings etc. can cause people to slip, some improper implementation of business, will also bring health risks to customers and employees. Remove water and hair on the floor, and ensure that the stylists regularly clean and repair anything that can cause damage to the client while ensuring that your beauty salon is well lit.

3, chemical and other hazardous chemical and heat treatment may damage the customer and beauty salon staff. Beauty salons should provide specialized services to ensure the correct use of qualified staff of chemical and heat treatment. Remind staff to ask the customer if they have any potential allergies and medical problems before they start the service to the customer, so that customers know the potential risks of any service. If employees wear protective gloves containing chemicals may cause skin itching, dermatitis, which is a common beauty salon customer health problems. Provide appropriate training to employees and use chemical products as directed.

4 and other general risk beauty salons operate in a number of other risks, such as natural disasters and theft. If your beauty salons in high flood risk areas, ready to flood control planning and flood control safety necessary sandbags and prevention tools. Keep good drainage during heavy rain to avoid leakage of roof and walls.

the whole modern beauty shop business is very hot, but also in people’s whole business process also need to pay attention to the reasonable risk aversion of some businesses, as long as it can long time to make money and profit.


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