Listen to the success of the owner to share the experience of open shop

life needs a lot of things, package is very common, but also demand a lot, a lot of people want to engage in such business, now too many people want to open the package store, it is very difficult to find a space for one person in such a tide of entrepreneurship. I just opened a bag shop early, encountered many setbacks, whether to take the goods, or decoration, business, is stuttering. The following is my experience to open the package store, if you intend to shop, you can refer to the reference.

1: take goods

would like to open the store a lot of friends in the online asked to take the goods, when I shop in the network that took a number of goods, the results! Wholesale market 12 yuan bag sent to me to 20! Most of the work is very rough, and even the package dyed! Of course, this may be my bad luck to meet an unscrupulous network, although he is the Taobao four crown reputation.

, for example, you are in the vicinity of the business district, it can do high-end. If it is near residential areas, then do mid-range. Depending on the circumstances! But it does not necessarily mean that you have to sell cheap packages around you can only sell cheap bags, hidden rules can also be broken, as long as your bags are cost-effective, publicity in place! Of course, sales skills are important. Don’t settle down after the first selected window, the side of a period of time, to see how the flow of people passing by, your appearance is not in the sight of the dead.

two: Decoration

spend more decoration, I do not say, the money to do a good job. To spend less on the reference. If the wall is brush powder, the price is really sweat, good kind of porcelain powder is too expensive! Buy wallpaper, my friend’s shop on the wallpaper effect is good! Thick material is not easy to hang broken, 16 square meters of shops around with wallpaper, a total of only about 300. The specific needs of their own investigation. There is a friend of the decoration with black paint, from the outside, it seems good, but not good to see, this kind of decoration is more suitable to sell a unique bag. Put in the bag is the best clothes on both sides is a small lattice bag that the bag, put to good, not too much space. No conditions can the whole wood nail up bag, simple and generous.

three: wholesale market purchase

hey! All businesses! The first time I went to Hangzhou to purchase better, more generous wholesale price quote us the actual, but give me recommend the old saying is new to sell, N. I see a few relatively small and a student in Chengdu, the price is out of order of the newspaper, a cloth in the Lotus Pond bridge 12 cheaper retail wholesalers said to me 15. Purchase the main look at their own vision and experience, but the novice first to take goods I suggest to go to the wholesale market to mix a few days, to see how people choose how to get, ask businesses to recommend

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