Pizza shop need to pay attention to what business details

open pizza shop need to pay attention to what investment? Some people say that there are sites, it was said to have characteristics, in fact, these are the focus of business needs to be considered. The shop is not a trifling matter, since the investment, it should consider, do the work of every detail, let the store successfully open the consumer market.

whether you do some better than others. If you can not guarantee that the two do not act rashly. Business failures will cause you to go bankrupt, and think twice before opening a pizza store. If you have never worked in a pizza shop, at the very least temped pizza, such as the production of baked pizza, waiter, dishwasher, delivery person no matter what. If possible, go to the same store as you plan to run. Do you think a record of whether it is right or wrong, in other words, always imagine if this is your own shop, everything has to be hard to take care of yourself, every post role is to try to figure out its grasp the essentials of work.

made in a high rent popular A and a low rent is B. The location of A seems to be a smart choice, the location of the B has one or several disadvantages that can lead to less than your desired sales. A remote place will be like a blood sucking insects like mop your energy, your blood drained.

a wadi should have:

location must be very obvious

Import traffic must be very convenient



must be located in the main road residents out of the.

Third, from the main road to the relevant departments of the city where the traffic and traffic data.

Fourth, check the newspaper classified advertising and consulting to the local real estate agent for housing rental information.

fifth, check the census data for the analysis of population statistics in all residential areas, the number of people per square mile mark. In any case, the number of houses can not represent the potential purchasing power, so the family population structure, but also to investigate the year recommended

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