Why Europe is not suitable for Entrepreneurship

only 200 years of history of the United States can quickly develop to today, must be full of innovation spirit. China also has a good ability to innovate. Compared to the United States and China, Europe seems to have been lack of innovation, what is the reason?

now Chinese, apparently has entered an era of booming business. People in the industry said: Chinese entrepreneurs in the success rate is close to the United states. And the ability to innovate and break through in imitation is becoming more and more prominent." At present, a variety of start-up companies springing up, although most of the losers, but from the other side, but also reflects the economic vitality.

in Europe, but a special case of start-up companies have only recently, Europe’s largest start-up companies Spotify in the latest round of financing market value finally reached $8 billion 400 million. Of course, the European business environment can not be compared with China and the United States, and its economic model is closely related to the innovation culture, specifically what are the reasons?

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