What needs to be done to open a clothing store

shop early, you need to do a good job of adequate preparation. Many businesses do not start a full investigation on the busy shop, this is a very dangerous approach. What do you need to do to prepare a clothing store? Many novice are not very clear, Xiaobian compiled the relevant experience, I hope to help you.

first, preparation

one is to determine what clothing to sell.

two is an in-depth market survey of your local market and clothing you plan to sell. Including market saturation rate, market purchasing power, store location, purchase channels, etc..

three is the capital budget. For example, store rent, store decoration, store the initial distribution plan funds; stock liquidity, travel expenses, hire clerk fees and taxes and other expenses to make a plan, then carry out the action.

two, market analysis

if you want to open a clothing store, you must first do a market survey, for example, are you ready to do what kind of clothes is the men, women, children’s wear, casual wear, or summer or winter. So, this time, you have to look at, or on the Internet to see a check down, and then make a decision. This decision relates to your annual turnover, sales volume, etc.. If you really want to do, it is necessary to do a good job of several flagship product analysis and comparison, and then choose a suitable for you to operate and can make a profit to do the clothes. Of course, this time, we should also consider whether you open a shop, or an ordinary shop. So do the market analysis is very wise. Do not underestimate the market analysis, it is concluded that the business is suitable for you and is profitable.

three, business survey

This time a conclusion, the

you just do a theoretical analysis after it, you’ll have to go to the clothing business centralized place again for investigation, for example you want to do is to check, how to sell these dresses, buy groups focus on what age, what kind of people. Here is the need to remind, you need to observe, you need a keen to observe those people, those who sell the business for several years the minds of people and their clothes for the market analysis, make a comparative analysis of the results and then you get out. You’ll be able to decide if you’re going to do this business. Of course, those who say, naturally, there is water, you have to do a good job to throw away the water to prepare the mind.

four, select address

, after all your research results come out, you start to choose the address. This address is the natural traffic, consumer recommended

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