The Dalian clinic for entrepreneurs entrepreneurship sixth day of the Lunar New Year to see the doct

China has entered a business birth peak, more than 10 thousand new themes emerging business daily. So many entrepreneurs, a huge number of new customers, the presence of the presence of the mentor is very necessary.

2 13, sixth day of the lunar new year, Dalian unexpectedly ushered in the first year of rain and snow. In the Liberation Square in Dalian District of Shahekou city public record space · also for the first time in the new year. Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship clinic clinic. Although affected by the bad weather, there are still more than 20 enterprise boss, entrepreneurs to prise entrepreneurship clinics, view attending, and seek cooperation projects, from 8:30 to 14 time, bid farewell to the last two entrepreneurs, several business mentor busy even without having lunch come to eat, "were" satisfied each one takes what he needs.

the first patient was founded in 2015 in Dalian World Air Technology Co. founder and general manager Jiang Chao. He briefly introduced the company’s main business: animation outsourcing, game development, animation and advertising media company shortly before the independent research and development of 360° after making a ball screen movies, to come straight to the point dished out three big problem facing the company: space, resources and lack of funds. Business mentor Xu Yi Zuozhen unraveling the recipe for Jiang Chao’s break out problem. Made a special trip back home from the field of entrepreneurship in Dalian public training (incubator) center director Xu Mingshu also said that from the perspective of the government departments to support the entrepreneurial support of the company’s efforts to become bigger and stronger Jiang Chao.

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