Provide one-stop maternal and child care services to meet the needs of the larger market

although many people now know that the mother and child market is very broad, however, the general provision of services is limited to a variety of maternal and child care, in the current market has been unable to meet the needs of more consumers. In this context, providing one-stop maternal and child services will undoubtedly have more development opportunities.

first go to beauty salons to do during the beauty, go to maternal stores selection of clothes for the upcoming birth of the baby, go to a predetermined confinement mechanism yuesao. A lot of pregnant women have deep experience, a trip down, hard work and time and effort! In 2016, you will be in a one-stop maternal and Child Science Museum to meet all of the above wishes.

is a one-stop service area, including maternal and Child Science Museum (maternal and child health services division and senior Yuesao service); children (infant swimming area, massage, chankang); district (prolactin, postpartum body, involution of uterus, pelvic floor muscle recovery).

prepared pregnant pregnancy conditioning, public lecture, month postpartum recuperation, freaky shaped full tracking service, to ensure the full period of free parenting; prolactin division, division of pediatric massage, maternal and child health division, postpartum recovery division project to provide on-site service, the mother put the super five star baby swimming, enjoy the heart; massage, massage in children, one-stop care services, give children the best growth classroom.

A one-stop experience

this pregnancy baby 5 years to meet the full range of consumer demand as the second full liberalization and rapid hot, the future is very promising, will become a new direction for the choice of business.

in different times, people’s demand for maternal and child will be different, but in the current market, mother will undoubtedly have great development space, so very bright, now a one-stop investment in maternal and child services, will undoubtedly have a better future.

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