Qinghai to achieve a major breakthrough in the National Social Science Fund Project Research

In November 25th, the National Planning Office of philosophy and Social Sciences Publishing Project List of major projects in 2013 National Social Science Fund, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Professor Zhao Zongfu as chief expert of "Kunlun culture and Chinese civilization" in the 137 basic research project in twenty-ninth. The subject of the project, the realization of the National Social Science Fund in Qinghai major projects research breakthrough.

by the Taiwan, Beijing, Shandong and Qinghai and other well-known experts and scholars as the five sub subjects. To study the deep relationship between Kunlun culture and Chinese civilization, to further enhance the cultural roots of the cultural identity, and constantly enhance national cohesion and centripetal force, continuity and heritage of the Chinese nation and the unremitting self-improvement, perseverance and creative spirit; trace the history of the Chinese nation common memory, promote the reunification of the motherland, national unity and social stability Kunlun; explore the symbolism and reproduction of elements, to provide effective ideas and useful reference for the development of local cultural industry in Qinghai, for the national region to create a local culture brand, enhance cultural awareness, provide a realistic basis for the reference path and intellectual support; the construction of Kunlun cultural research paradigm, to promote academic exchanges at home and abroad to play a leading role in major projects; the promotion of Qinghai social science academic level, expand the academic and cultural influence . (author: Hao Wei)


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