To contribute to the construction of ecological civilization and the building of a moderately prospe

8 month 18 to 19, Vice Minister of agriculture Yu Kangzhen of province Gangcha County, Haiyan County, the county special investigation and livestock echinococcosis prevention and control pilot; the development of grassland ecological protection and construction of grass and animal husbandry; and to explore the poverty of the development road and the linking point helping the village cadres and the masses. Vice governor Yan Jinhai accompanied by research.

8 18 April in Kangzhen with representatives of the national hydatid disease prevention and control conference with Gangcha county and Haiyan County, deeply discuss the current prevention and control work. He stressed that the hydatid disease prevention and control pilot work has a strong innovative and challenging, the participating units should earnestly technical guidance and services, improve the administration of dog and sheep immune and comprehensive prevention and control prevention and control mode, and strive to make new breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of hydatid disease.

in the primary point of contact Huangyuan County Ba Yan Xiang Hu Dan Cun, Yu Kang Zhen stressed that the key is the development of grassroots committee team to lead the masses to get rich play, courage, the villagers should be hard work of confidence and determination. Cadres and the masses to the heart to a thought, an effort to make clear, "ecological accounts, good livestock brand, change the traditional mode of production and management, and vigorously develop modern animal husbandry, promote the 123 industrial integration, to achieve sustainable development and poverty reduction in income.

19 day, in the presence of the fourth annual conference of Chinese grass industry. In Jianzha, Longhua two counties in our province plateau cold water fish culture. He stressed the need to implement the structural adjustment of agricultural supply side and ecological civilization construction of the decision-making arrangements for the construction of ecological civilization and build a moderately prosperous society to make due contributions.


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