10 lawyers were employed as members of the Xining legal aid workers

From May 19th, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions news, 10 lawyers and law firms in 9 by the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions new appointment for the Xining workers legal aid lawyers members, duration of employment is two years. This is the City Federation of trade unions with the help of social legal resources for the cause of trade union rights protection, protection of rights and interests of workers, strengthen the legal aid work of trade unions an important measure.

Xining city workers legal aid lawyers was founded in 2008, mainly for the serious violation of labor rights and interests of workers, migrant workers, labor model and perform their duties according to law and their own interests because of serious violations of trade union workers and trade unions to provide legal services, responsibility to join the trade union legal service activities, in-depth business to carry out the law lectures, for the difficulties workers provide free legal advice, legal documents, the agent to participate in the mediation, arbitration and litigation activities. In recent years, the lawyers through the legal aid work conference, the organization sent to the grassroots level, weekly lawyer reception day and other carriers, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers to make a solid and effective work. As of now, the cumulative provision of legal aid cases since 27, involving 563 employees, has been closed since 26, more than 8 yuan of funds to provide legal aid workers, save 1 million 972 thousand yuan of economic losses, effectively expanding the legal aid work of trade unions.


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