More than 80 thousand migrant workers in the province to build roads earn 2 billion

The province’s transportation construction and investment play an important role in driving related industries. Reporter recently learned from the province’s transportation work meeting was informed that the province last year, the province of migrant workers 82 thousand people use in highway construction, the labor income of nearly 2 billion yuan, the province accounted for more than 3 million 990 thousand tons of cement, the total amount of 90%…… The rapid development of traffic construction led to the province’s economic and related industries, but also make the local building materials products more useful".   traffic last year fixed asset investment in our province amounted to 26 billion 876 million yuan, the new highway mileage of 2587 kilometers, the province’s highway mileage reached 72703 kilometers, traffic investment and construction play an important role in the development of related industries, to support local building materials enterprises, promote employment, increase income etc.. First, the transportation construction investment led to strong demand for cement, steel. According to statistics, in last year’s highway construction, the use of the province’s cement production accounted for 96.7% of the total amount of lime accounted for about 82.5%, steel accounted for about 15.8%, gravel and gravel, respectively, accounted for more than 90%. At the same time, the rapid development of highway transportation, led the province’s employment of migrant workers, migrant workers in the province reached 82 thousand people, access to labor income of $2 billion.   according to the introduction, the highway construction can be a good impetus to the development of related industries along the region, create employment conditions for local people, at the same time, the highway construction in the direct and indirect consumables production provides a broad market for the local building materials enterprises. The province’s local building materials products and labor force in the province, both in terms of quantity and quality requirements, can better meet the special geological conditions, water temperature, elevation and other construction conditions in Qinghai. This year, our province will continue to increase the use of local products and local migrant workers in highway construction, and further promote the economic development of the province.  

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