Fitness and entertainment theme park in Xining to improve the living environment of residents

winter in Xining has been around 10 degrees Celsius, in the memory of the old Xining people, this season should be the trees withered, the streets of the bleak bleak scenery. However, this year, Xining is like a street park is Spring is in the air., People are hurrying to and fro. in a continuous line.

Begonia Park was started in September 1, 2011 and completed in April 28, 2013 opening, the park based on the original bridge nursery, the use of a large number of Begonia tree reserved built theme to "Begonia culture" as the theme of the theme park elements.

in the small bridge street and Nanjing Road intersection, you can see a big stone on the style of writing, "Begonia Park" four characters. Along the twists and turns carved with the flowering of the stone staircase to climb up, that is, "lake reflects the Tang color" stone arch. The whole park with the ancient garden style and modern elements, combined with the entire park is higher than the surrounding buildings, there is a feeling of air garden.

reporter arrived Begonia park is about 10 in the morning, although the winter cold, but still can see the fitness of the public. Practice brush calligraphy, yangko dance, opera, Tai Chi Sword Dance, running…… It’s really a lot of fun.

reporter then came to the Qaidam road and west of the Qaidam Park connected. In addition to the park is still showing reeky fitness leisure scene, especially attracted reporters is the original train station "Ten thousand steeds gallop." iconic sculpture. See the reporter stopped at the front of the sculpture, the 72 year old former seven Bureau of the seventh construction company of retired cadres, uncle and reporters about the changes in Xining: "to Xining for 30 years, then think of the Northwest can only be used to describe the sand filled, sparsely populated. In the fall, their asthma began to commit, and now the sand disappeared, asthma is much better. This is the original park, some old houses and slopes, is now full of trees, a whole summer is green can be good-looking. Son in his hometown in Shaanxi, this year, I came to see him, I brought him around here, he could not believe that this is the original Xining, and Jiangnan have a ratio. In the past two years, many parks have been built in Xining, although they live in the small bridges, but the park is close to my wife and I turned around, Xining is more and more beautiful."

the park is officially started construction in March 27, 2011, the same year in July 28th officially opened. The park to the west at Saint "as the theme, the use of landscape elements, history and culture in the west region of the show," this sculpture not only recorded history Ten thousand steeds gallop. ", is Xining people’s memories.

reporter from the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau learned that the 10 theme park in Xining city construction has been completed and open 6, respectively is the Qaidam Park, Chaoyang Park, Huang Le Green Park, Hehuang Park, Begonia Park and Xingzhi Park, each park has its own theme and features, and all the theme park is free for all citizens. The purpose of the theme park is to expand the area of urban green space, improve the surrounding ecological environment,;

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