Communist Youth League volunteers caring for mentally handicapped children

December 5th, the twenty-seventh International Volunteer Day, the Communist Youth League West District Joint Qinghai mental education center, into the North meteorological community, small Jia Xiang West District community, to carry out the theme of "series of activities of western volunteers warm winter action".

this volunteer activity is mainly aimed at children under 18 years old with mental retardation. The day of the event, volunteers through investigations, to understand the specific situation of mental disorder in children, and to the family mental disorder children donation AIDS, issuing brochures, provide targeted training, the development of mental disorders in children’s potential.

it is understood that in the future, volunteers will continue to carry out such activities, carry out education and training of mental disorders in children, let the children be in progress at the same time, enjoy the happiness of each growth stage should be. (author: Peng Na)



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