A spring snow yesterday visited Xining

affected by the strong cold air, February 17th 17 began to appear again from the west to the east of snow weather process in Xining area, the snow covered three counties and four districts of the city, there are a number of high-speed, national highway and provincial highway and a highway through the territory of Huangyuan county is the largest snowfall.

at 20, according to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued testing data show that the Huangzhong County monitoring station snowfall of 0.4 mm, thickness of 0 cm of snow, Huangyuan Chengguan monitoring station snowfall of 0.8 mm, thickness of 1 cm of snow, and snow monitoring station is 0.8 mm, thickness of 1 cm of snow, Huangyuan Pakistan Yan monitoring station snowfall of 3.2 mm, thickness of 3 cm of snow, and in the monitoring station snowfall of 3 mm, thickness of 3 cm of snow.

meteorological observatory reminded the public that the weather process caused by snow or ice road, the road is wet and slippery, reduced visibility, will cause a certain impact on the Xining area transportation, agriculture, forest and grassland fire etc.. City Meteorological Observatory will pay close attention to changes in the weather, do a good job of the weather monitoring, forecasting, early warning, and will be released in a timely manner through the relevant media dynamic monitoring, forecasting and early warning information. As of press time ago, most parts of Xining snow continues. (author: Kim and He Yongqing photo coverage)

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