The number of fires decreased during the National Day

October 8th, the reporter learned from the provincial public security fire brigade, rescue and rescue during the National Day this year, 15, fighting fire from 10, the number of fires decreased over the same period last year. It is understood that the National Day holiday stream of people, logistics concentration, coupled with dry autumn weather, the factors causing the fire increased significantly. In order to do a good job during the national day fire safety and security tasks, the province’s fire brigade based on front-line fire prevention, front-line duty preparation, have carried out the national day fire special action, 99 Ping An fire action. In the activity, all in accordance with the "territorial management" and "who is in charge, who is responsible" principle, mobilize all police, fenpianbaogan, combined with the relevant functional departments of the market around the mall, hotels, entertainment venues, tourist attractions, large-scale mass activities, especially at night business places, public places of entertainment were the focus of inspection. Local fire departments also urged the local police station, the primary grid on the area of the "urban village", "three in one" place, rental housing and small workshops, small units of the "nine small places" dragnet fire hazard investigation. In addition, according to the actual fire awareness of the broad masses of the relatively weak, local fire departments supervise the area all the key units and scenic spots (spot) to organize an escape drills, hold a fire drills, to carry out a full fire knowledge education. Guide agriculture (animal husbandry) Street community, village and other grass-roots organizations and volunteer fire team, in-depth family, community, school, rural and nursing homes and welfare institutions so as to carry out the "face to face" education, popularization, fire escape self knowledge. A field escape drills, fire drills again and again, for the National Day this year to reduce the number of fires laid the foundation.  

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