Xining to build a fine model village

"military enterprises to build, not just for the door, wall, but also on the basis of fine work, increase the quality of efforts to create highlights, carefully build a model village; according to the different situations of each village, a village characteristics, through building activities, to the demonstration village of industry, culture and tourism development." This is a reporter in June 7th held in Xining city government work will promote the enterprises to build a demonstration village learned.


in Xining city to carry out military enterprises build a model village, the village appearance benefit infrastructure more perfect take on an altogether new aspect. Practice has proved that "military enterprises build activities" industry nurturing agriculture, the city supports the countryside attempt ", is concerned about people’s livelihood, urban and rural development, strong action to encourage participation in the new rural construction. This year, Xining will consolidate the results of the foundation on the basis of good, and further increase the intensity of project coordination and financial integration, to ensure that the road hardening, environmental sanitation, drinking water and other projects as soon as possible to start landing. Will accelerate the construction of the village’s transportation, water conservancy, greening, health and public cultural service facilities, and constantly improve and improve the production and living conditions of the village.

in addition, Xining will also build activities to carry out health star, star, and different magnitude law-abiding "star rating" activities, and establish a sound village, building cleaning staff, establish a long-term mechanism to solve the management project management, heavy construction, light management phenomenon. (author: Wu Yachun)

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