City fair contracted project funding innovation

September 28th, the city held a glorious cause of the Silk Road and 2015 Xining Urban Development Investment Fair (hereinafter referred to as the city fair) work summary. The meeting summed up the main achievements of the current city fair, the main experience and the next focus. It is reported that the city will be a total of 66 contracted projects, with a total agreement funding of $36 billion 300 million, an increase of 43.5% over the previous. The meeting will be done at the level, grade, quality, compared with the previous upgrade.

I, by fair city for extensive promotion

in the new Silk Road, the new dream, new opportunities "as the theme of this fair city, closed on September 20th. During the exhibition were invited to the 14 provinces of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai (autonomous regions and municipalities) Guangcai entrepreneurs, Lanzhou, Hefei, Shenzhen and other 9 friendly city along the Silk Road and city Italy, Turkey, Sri Lanka and representatives of 7 countries and friendly city entrepreneurs, as well as the Yili Group, Greenland group COFCO group and other companies on behalf of nearly a thousand people, among them, the domestic enterprises 492, 768 people, 51 foreign businessmen. At the same time, the city will contact during the promotion of entrepreneurs to the city park, the county to inspect the city organized the glorious cause of our city, resources and development conditions for a wide range of promotional, there are prospects for cooperation on the part of the project carried out preliminary docking, reached a preliminary intention of 50 cooperation projects in the agricultural industry industry, commerce, information, and real estate development, investment intentions of domestic customers negotiate project 37, won the intention to negotiate project 13 investment.

this fair city launched a total of 168 projects, a total investment of 183 billion 300 million yuan, including agriculture, industry, trade, cultural tourism, real estate development, city construction and other fields. A total of 66 contracted projects, the total agreement funds of $36 billion 300 million, an increase of 43.5% over the previous contract to further expand the scale of the project, the quality has improved. Among them, industrial class 11, 4 billion 560 million yuan investment in agriculture and animal husbandry; 3, the investment amounted to 1 billion 150 million yuan; circulation 14, investment of 10 billion 990 million yuan; city and ecological construction of class 24, the investment amounted to 16 billion 696 million yuan; 11 kinds of cultural tourism, investment of 2 billion 680 million yuan; the other 3. Investment of 174 million yuan. A number of key projects signed landing, will effectively promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development of our city.

series of activities to enhance the level of investment

the fair city exhibition fully demonstrated in Xining, opening up a new image, highlighting the city "The Belt and Road" is an important node in the city status and function of Xining comprehensive exhibition area, real estate and Furniture Expo exhibition area and city life Museum 3 Museum of unified planning and integration. During the exhibition, the city has organized the western city real estate development forum, land listing special events, Xining city construction project special promotion to a series of activities, and invited well-known experts, actively organized the "Shanghai FTA innovation to promote development and upgrade";

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