mplementation of green projects to create the charm of Huangzhong

this year, urban greening work in Huangzhong county to build "charming Huangzhong" as the goal, relying on the development strategy of "ecological province", with construction to speed up the process of urban greening, continue to increase the project construction and the construction of key forestry projects, urban and rural greening work in full swing, creating an ecological urban green civilization.

it is reported that the county invested 9 million 233 thousand yuan, on the top of the village of the group, plus, South Shuo Shan, ant Valley, the completion of the 4 state-owned forest farms to protect the work of 621 thousand acres of natural forest resources. Investment of 4 million yuan, in five, Zhuang Shuo South Forest Farm completed afforestation 4 thousand acres, 40 thousand acres of afforestation; investment 2 million 800 thousand yuan, completed 25 thousand acres of tending in five village forest. Invested 3 million 600 thousand yuan in the greening of the new rural village in 18. Investment of 2 million 580 thousand yuan, the implementation of the 20 party enterprises build a model village green in 4 towns. Has completed the first half of 2 million 190 thousand yuan investment, the completion of the 17 military enterprises to build the demonstration village green. Investment of 4 million 120 thousand yuan, according to the "livable, leisure" requirements, the county Heping Road, unity Road, Yingbin Road, Village Road, cultural square, Kumbum Monastery square renovation and replanting trees planted, do export North County landscape corridor greening, improving and optimizing the living environment. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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