Xining industrial and commercial inventory of melamine milk powder and liquid milk

from the beginning of September 12th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce organization law enforcement officers on the city’s major shopping malls, supermarkets, food distribution outlets operating 22 manufacturers of infant milk powder batches of 69 conducted a comprehensive inventory. 19 am, also held a special meeting, emergency arrangements for the deployment of melamine containing liquid milk inventory.

meeting requires the infant formula milk powder and liquid inventory together on the market containing melamine infant milk powder and liquid milk, immediately ordered to stop selling, the shelf delisting. Consumers require melamine containing infant milk powder and liquid milk to be returned, ordered the operator in accordance with the original sales price refund, shall not lower prices. At the same time, industry and commerce law enforcement officers strictly follow the supervision, to prevent business owners to sell again, to ensure that the city’s infant milk powder containing melamine and liquid milk in a timely manner, completely under the shelf delisting. In the inventory work, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau strictly adhere to the melamine containing infant milk powder and liquid milk inventory and shelf delisting daily reporting system, 24 hours on duty system, real-time reporting system on major issues.

as of September 18th, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers were dispatched 4887 passengers, check the operation of the main 16233 (Times), to withdraw from the market under the "Sanlu", "Mengniu", "Yili", "Ashley", "San Yuan", "mercy" brand infant milk powder and infant milk powder 38312.7 kilograms, about 95782 bags (barrel), accepts the consumer related milk powder and liquid milk of the consultation, complaints and reports 91, consumers returned about 2454 bags of milk 982 kg (barrels).


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