The province’s pension service demonstration base project started

recently, the province’s pension service demonstration base project officially started construction. The project is located in the North District, covers an area of 3.73 hectares, the new elderly care service building 6 building, set up pension institutions 400 beds, projects with a total investment of 100 million yuan, is the first public pension service demonstration base in Xining city started construction, the default services area for the elderly, nursing service area, living area medical rehabilitation and entertainment district, the main service object for more than 60 year old people.

according to the "special plan" pension service demonstration base construction in Qinghai Province, the province will choose to build 15 provincial pension service demonstration base in suitable climatic conditions, infrastructure improvement, the elderly relatively concentrated areas. The pension service demonstration base mainly take the construction of government guidance, social investment, pension institutions in the implementation of the construction standards, service standards, management of medical support combined, institutions and community pension service integration development play an exemplary role, for the province to create all kinds of pension services experience in the service system, service mode and service technology hand.


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