Focus on remediation of school bus traffic violations to maintain the safety of school

The reporter learned from the Provincial Traffic Police Corps, from September 6th to September 15th, the province public security departments will be in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of public security, to carry out a 10 day "to rule against" illegal traffic concentrated rectification unified action to prevent and reduce the school bus, school bus traffic accidents, maintenance safety on students.

to eliminate bus safety hazards from the source, the province public security departments will be on the local bus especially in rural areas, and the driver of the school bus driver qualifications, to carry out quasi driving traffic violations and accident investigation records, the driver fails to participate in the certification, multiple traffic violations did not receive treatment, shall be ordered to stop the bus driver. The driver has the responsibility for causing death or serious injury traffic accident, recorded 12 points or crime, drunk driving, drug use, etc., shall be canceled their school bus driving qualification. On the school bus signs and lack of fire extinguishers, safety hammer, safety door, satellite positioning device and other safety facilities are incomplete, rectification shall be ordered to stop.During the

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