Xining extracurricular education like fruitful

last summer, Xining city children’s palace is not only spring, more fruitful. During the summer palace opened the vocal music, instrumental music, dance, calligraphy, art, writing, aeromodelling, sea model, technology production, robot, taekwondo, martial arts, table tennis, chess and other more than and 30 professional English training courses, including vocal music, the sea model, is a new professional model. Professional training is divided into enlightenment, primary, intermediate, advanced, advanced 5 levels, to participate in the students reached about 4000. In order to build the brand of Xining’s out of school education, the children’s palace has also organized students to carry out exchange performances and art practice activities for many years.

in July sponsored by the Chinese Federation, Chinese Dancers Association, with "green lotus flying dream" as the theme of the seventh session of the "Lotus style" National Children’s dance festival. The finalists in the works "Tao Dance palace baby dance rhyme", was the seventh "Lotus style national children’s dance performance highest award" Lotus star "award.

in order to better popularize and improve the diversity of popular accordion teaching and performance level, in August the organization of the 6 players to participate in the palace held in Luoyang, "Horner Cup" national accordion Invitational tournament. The popular accordion invitation from the Chinese, Russia, France, Italy and Germany, the accordion experts as consultants and judges. All the winners of the palace contestants, including Liu Runkai students won the gold medal in the children’s B group, as well as three players were children A, B group, and other awards, and another two students received a prize of three, and other two. During the tournament, the Chinese and foreign popular accordion players concert and popular accordion teaching seminars and other activities.

in addition, in the field of science and technology Xining children’s palace has also achieved excellent results. The robot class He Mingxiao’s science and technology innovation project "Xining city winter heating survey report" on behalf of Qinghai province was held in Nanjing to attend the twenty-eighth session of the National Youth Science and technology innovation contest, and won the national third-prize. After the game is the provincial, city and other levels of different levels after the report submitted to the national competition. Children’s palace robot class for many years has been attached great importance to the cultivation of students’ scientific and technological innovation thinking, in the national and provincial science and technology innovation contest over the years, teachers and students have won many awards. In addition, in this year’s third session of the primary and secondary school students Robot Contest, the Xining children’s palace was also won the junior high school winning group, the primary group team cooperation award, outstanding organization award.

after a full and happy summer vacation, the children in a relaxed, confident environment to fully demonstrate the personality, laid a good foundation for healthy growth. As a new era of children, their comprehensive quality not only reflects the development of Xining education and culture, but also to create a new development space for children’s quality education. On the occasion of the 50 anniversary of the construction of the palace, Xining city children’s palace will continue to build high-quality outside education team, bigger and stronger Xining off campus education brand. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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