Xining non administrative licensing examination and approval into history

administrative examination and approval matters reduced by more than 2/3, municipal and district administrative approval of all non administrative approval, business registration pre-approval items cleared…… To effectively promote the city decentralization, put the tube combination and function transformation, since last year, the city government to explore the establishment of the "accrual list" system, all departments of administrative examination and approval items included in the "list" management, the implementation of this system through the exploration, has made great achievements.

since last year, the city administration to streamline the examination and approval of more than 2/3, the municipal government departments administrative approval reduced from 342 to 107 (including the central and provincial units in Nanjing 13), reduced rate of 68.7%, the completion of the provincial government put forward "for the next two years ahead of time, namely, by the end of 2015, will the administrative examination and approval of the government target is less than 1/3.

municipal and district non administrative approval canceled, carried out the work of clearing, 79 municipal non administrative licensing examination and approval items, 60 direct cancellation (including the provincial departments of 42), 18 to 1 for administrative services, administrative examination and approval. Four district also cleared all non administrative approval items. Currently, the city and the district is no longer reserved for non administrative approval of the approval of the four categories, one year ahead of the completion of the cleared target.

business registration pre-approval a clean-up, to streamline the pre-approval, relaxed business registration conditions, to strengthen the follow-up supervision of industrial and commercial registration as the goal, formulated the "industrial and commercial registration system reform implementation plan", and the original 88 items of business registration of industrial and commercial registration pre-approval matters catalog business reduced to 17. Through a series of reform measures, last year, the new registration of all types of enterprises and registered capital increased by 76% and 398%, respectively, the number of newly registered enterprises in the province. This change shows that the effective transformation of government functions to promote decentralization, stimulate the vitality of the market, bringing a huge market dividend.


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