Set up a fine idea to carry out the mechanism innovation to promote the rapid development of urban a

2012 is the implementation of the "plan" in 12th Five-Year, a crucial link between the preceding and the following

2012 is the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan, a crucial link between the preceding and the following year. To conscientiously implement the municipal government, during the period of 12th Five-Year to continue to promote the theme year activities, ensure that every year the theme, annual work change "spirit, this year the city urban greening work theme activities identified as" green management mechanism innovation". Forestry (Garden) department will establish a strong sense of responsibility and sense of quality, and actively carry out the innovation of management mechanism, the concept of refinement throughout the whole process of the greening of urban and rural areas, promote the rapid development of our city urban greening undertakings.

increase supervision, improve the maintenance level. Investigation on strengthening , constantly explore new mechanisms, new measures, solve the difficulties and problems in actual work; intensify supervision and inspection efforts on the green management unit, promote the green management unit greening maintenance management, construction management and so". Improve the mechanism of urban green conservation management assessment, earnestly greening maintenance and management, and constantly improve the green landscape; improve the professional personnel training, organize technical training of maintenance personnel, training a group of business people and management backbone, improve the green management level of business unit maintenance personnel.

innovation management mechanism to create quality projects. to enhance the level of landscape garden, building construction projects "as the goal, the" precision and standardization "as the core of innovation project management mechanism, to further refine the greening project management work, from project bidding procedures, to sign the contract, construction, disbursement of funds, completion acceptance, completion settlement reasonable division of labor, a clear responsibility. Do a good job of "three control and two management coordination" (ie, investment control, schedule control, quality control, contract management, information management, organization and coordination), to ensure the duration of the project, quality and landscape effects.

strengthen the management of seedling production and management, improve the forest products system . To accelerate the process of informatization seed seedling information, build a trading platform; encourage state and individual nursery, cultivate the high rate of survival of native species; by cultivating new seedling seedling project increase, the construction of seedling project, accelerate the promotion of advanced and practical technology of breeding, seedling cultivation, seedling production, packaging and transportation management, circulation the tree seedling production and management; and strengthen supervision, improve the quality of afforestation seedlings.

strengthen management measures to improve service levels. use market-oriented business model, the green conservation park for health and capacity the public tender, through market-oriented operation, reduce park maintenance costs, enhance the capacity of quality. Perfect the appraisal management system, standardize the park management, quantitative assessment criteria, further refinement, increase assessment efforts, effectively improve the quality of the park landscape, Yung Park appearance, service level and safety management, the free and open park management mechanism and service function implement, to achieve the "three no;

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